Saturday, April 6, 2019

Easter Basket Ideas!!

Who else loves Easter?/?/? 

Easter has to be one of my favorite holidays of all time. Big dinners, time with family, kids scattering around to grab as many eggs as possible and warmer weather!!! 

This year we are going out for breakfast and then the egg hunt.  Of course, Mason starts the morning looking for his basket. I usually like to hide a basket and give him a bigger gift from Joe and I. My parents used to do that and I love the idea. 

This year we will be at Hershey Park the week before, so I thought I would get some items for his basket there. But I did also purchase a few things on Amazon. Amazon has everything and if you have prime, you get most items in 2 days without all the going from place to place looking for items. I like to fill Mason's basket with items for the pool and things he can use outdoors. Most of these items are from Amazon, a few from Etsy and Carters.

one// two// three// four// five// six// seven// eight// nine 

ten// eleven// twelve// thirteen// fourteen// 

fifteen// sixteen// seventeen// eighteen// nineteen// 
twenty// twenty-one// twenty-two// twenty-three

I purchased Mason's Easter basket, his first year, at Pottery Barn Kids. It is a bit to young for him now so I found a few cute ones on Etsy. I found a few on Etsy that I linked below. I also like the idea of using a wire basket with a personalized name tag. That way you can either use a basket you have laying around the house or one you can use in your child's room. I purchased one from Chalk Designs By Me, on Etsy. The shop has a bunch to choose from. I chose the traditional black chalk board tag so I can use it for different occasions.  

The Vinyl Things in Life 

Personalized Gifts By K 

Upcycled Threads Co. 

Name tag by Chalk Designs By Me 

 I love buying shirts for different occasions for Mason and personalized gifts from Etsy. Even though I think the end is near for "occasion shirts", I thought I would sneak one more for Easter. I got this cute bunny shirt that is more for an older kid from Line Liam and a popsicle sleeve from Southern Bayou Boutique 

Line Liam Boutique 

Popsicle Sleeve from Southern Bayou Boutique 

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