Friday, February 1, 2019

Snow Day Survival Guide

The frozen tundra has hit us here in New York! It has been below zero for a few days with wind chills of -24. School has been closed and we have been inside for almost 3 straight days. These days can be very daunting and give anyone cabin fever. I looked online to find some new ideas and to help with the long cold days. After searching and finding, "make an inside snowman" and "make your own instruments" I thought I would PASS and figure out my own! 
Here are a few of our favorites! 
GAMES  //  Mason got some new games for Christmas that he loves. Soggy Doggy, is one of his favorites. Regardless of the cold weather, it's always fun to get sprayed by a wet dog, right? He also got Ker plunk, and Mario Monopoly which are oldie but goodies. My Mom always loved playing games with us and we still do when we are all together. We love Racko, Yatzee and any card game. It really can keep you entertained for hours and gets everyone off from screen time. 
READ A NEW BOOK //  I've been trying to relax, slow down and spend less time on social media. I have found a few good books that I thought I would try. I have a Kindle fire that I download some on and then sometimes, I want a good ol paper back book. 
My choices: 

Becoming, Michelle O'Bama
Girl, Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis
What Alice Forgot, Liane Moriarty (actually any book by this author is great)
The Perfect Detox, Petra Kolber
Skinny Taste Fast and Slow, Gina Homolka 
Mason's choices: 

Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes 
The Old Lady that Swallowed Some Snow 
Pig the Stinker
Dear Yeti 

GET OUTSIDE //  We love getting outside and playing in the snow. My greatest memories as a kid were sledding and snowmobiling with my family. I'm so glad Mason loves the cold and snow also. I swear he could stay outside all day and play. It has been a little hard the past couple of days since the wind chill has been in the minus. But when we do get out, we enjoy riding the four wheeler while pulling the sled or just throw snowballs. We have the traditional saucer sleds and the toboggan sleds that can fit more than one person. 

NETFLIX AND CHILL //  Isn't that the new trend? We hardly ever do this unless there is a new series on that Joe and I can watch together. We like watching the documentaries. Either sports related (yes, I enjoy sports) or murder mystery. We just got done watching the second season of QB1, which documents 3 high school, all star football players, their senior year and signing day. Some other shows we have watched Making a Murderer, The Staircase, and Amanda Knox. On a lighter note, I love Grace and Frankie and Schitts Creek. I just watched Fyre, The Greatest Party that Never Happened, it was BANANAS!!!! You  have to watch it. The scheme was so crazy. 
For Mason, he loves the Hotel Transylvania movies and the third one is now available on Netflix. I think he has watched that 10 times so far. Incredibles 2, Inspector Gadget and Spy Kids: Mission Critical are a few of his favorites. He enjoys the short series also that were made from movies such as: Boss Baby, Captain Underpants, Trolls and Home. 
TAKE A WALK // We also enjoy walking by the lake. Canandaigua Lake looks much different in the winter time. But still beautiful when the sun is shining. It is completely frozen but you can see down it for miles! 

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