Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Year Plan!!

Happy 2019!! I love a new year. It is a clean slate to so many possibilities. I love revamping and de-cluttering everything.  Home and office reorganization, new workout/diet plans, reaching new personal goals, and new clean calendar are what I'm focusing on this year. Who else gets excited about a new year? I wanted to share some of what I am doing this year to start fresh and recharge. 
1.  Organize everything: I LOVE things organized, from everything in my home to weekly planning. I try to organize all year long and day by day so that I don't have a ton to do at the beginning of a new year. This year I am decided to try out the Home Organization Challenge with A Bowl Full of Lemons, with Toni Hammersley. I purchased her book about a year ago and read it but didn't really put her plan into motion. The book is a great reference guide to the challenge. So I thought no better time then the new year to start! The challenge consists of 14 week (1/5-4/6/19). Each week focuses on one room in the home. There is also a facebook page that allows you to follow along with others that are participating in the challenge as well. 

The one organizational piece I need to work on is, organizing papers such as bills, receipts, mortgage papers and insurance paperwork. I stink at this. It is such a tedious task that I usually just throw it into a bin and wait for it to pile up. This past year we were looking for some important insurance paperwork and couldn't find it. We ended up having to call and request it waiting around 2 weeks to receive it. That was a wake up call. So, I ordered this filing cabinet from Ikea  for monthly paper filing and this filing box for yearly papers. 
2. Organized and Planned Workouts: I definitely need to make this a priority this year. Everyone who knows me, knows I am not a fan of working out. I hate strength training and gyms. I would rather run, walk or play an organized sport for workouts. I really need to strengthen my core and just improve my overall fitness.  We have an elliptical but it just doesn't interest me. I would really love a Peloton bike, who wouldn't right? But that is definitely out of our price range. I found this cycling bike on Amazon that I need to talk my husband in to getting. Then you can download the Peloton app and use all of there cycling trainers.  Plus, they offer running, walking and other workouts. 
As far as dieting, I hate diets. I do however love the concept of Weight Watchers. It keeps me on track and shows you just how bad a certain food it because of the points value. Right now, if you can join for free with the purchase of a monthly subscription. 
3. Take time to slow down: I am always on the go. I either have things that I need to do or that I "think" that I need to do. I go from one thing to another and never take time to slow down. Last year, I started painting the bedrooms in our house along with my office. Then when my Mom moved out, we made the additional room into a playroom/bonus room so I painted and redid that, along with the bathroom that is connected to the room. After that, I sanded and painted our kitchen cabinets. I just never take time to sit. I am going to make more of an effort to relax, maybe read a book or just enjoy more family time. 
4. Reach personal goals: My goal for this year is get back to work. I loved having a career. I spent most of my twenties and thirties working, moving up the ladder and making that a priority. When I found out I was pregnant, it was important to both Joe and I that I stay home with Mason until he was of school age. We thought that would be last year but we had decided to hold him back a year, that meant, one more year at home with him. I have really enjoyed being at home with him and me being the one to mold him, but I really miss working as well. My goal has always been to be successful and to help make money for our family so we can go on family trips, move to a bigger home with more land and just live comfortably. 
5. Planning: I love planners. I usually have about 2-3 planners a year that I start and each has different things in them from meal planning, to budgeting, to day to day activities and appointments. Since I am following the weight watchers plan, I found this great Recollections meal planner at Michaels. It includes a shopping list and pantry inventory along with meals for the week. I also picked up the regular calendar one for what I have scheduled to teach Mason. Michaels also has others that include, budget, faith, to do and a journal. They were $5.99 in the scrapping booking area. 

The Day Designer Planner is one of my favorites. Last year, I used a different one and it just wasn't the same. I like to plan my days along with a to do list. I love that it has a section to enter what you need to do at every hour of the day. It is a bit pricey but definitely worth it. 
I hope that gave you a little motivation. Stay tuned for more posts on my workouts, meal planning and receipes. If you have anything you would like me to write about, leave it in the comments! 

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