Friday, January 25, 2019

5 on Friday!!

I'm continuing to share my favorites on Friday, but I've simplified them down to FIVE so I can share them with you every week!! This Friday I'm sharing the reading and blue light glasses I've been using  and leggings that I discovered. These are good so stick around! 
READING GLASSES/BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES -------- I never thought reading glasses would be in my future. Well, just a word of advice, when you turn 40 all things go down hill. If you haven't ever checked out reading glasses, they aren't very cute. I found a couple of pairs at Loft that are super cute. Today, you can use the code YESPLEASE and you'll receive 40% off, which brings them under $15!!! 
I've always used blue light blocking glasses. My jobs have always consisted of using the computer for most of the day. I would get horrible headaches and blurry vision. Recently, that has started again whenever I look at a computer screen with my contacts on. You can find these anywhere but I found a cute pair from Amazon for cheap. I also found this pair that are reading and blue light glasses combined.  
DRY BAR TRIPLE SEC 3-IN-1--------- I LOVE this stuff. If not only because it texturizes and refreshes your hair, the smell is amazing. I don't use dry shampoo and I can't go without washing my hair for more than 3 days. I usually use Dry Bar Triple Sec on the second day if I want more texturizing to my top knot or pony tail. It doesn't leave your hair greasy or looking white like dry shampoos do. You can purchase this at or Ulta
COLUMBIA BOOTS---- Boots are a staple part of everyone's wardrobe during winter in New York. You could leave for work with no snow and 4 hours later could have 4 inches on the ground. These boots are great if you don't like clunky boots for everyday wear. I have had every boot imaginable from Sorel's to Uggs to Hunters. These boots fit great and keep my feet dry and warm. Plus, they are lightweight so you can carry them in your bag for work or in a suit case for travel. 
JOURNAL PLANNING PENS---- I found these pens on Amazon and I'm loving them for writing in my planner and on my desk calendar. I use a different color for each task, appointment, or something on my to do list. They are great quality and only $9.99 on Prime. 
FABLETICS LEGGINGS------These leggings are the best! I saw them all over Instagram and thought I would try them. I wanted a pair that I could ride the cycle bike on and something that was a little out of my comfort zone. I got them when there was a sale 2 for $24 and that sale is still on now!! Which is a steal. I got this camo pair for working out in. The other pair I chose were the high-waisted Solid Powerhold 7/8 legging.  This is my favorite pair. I like that they are high waisted and come above the ankle. I have a hard time finding leggings that aren't to long. I will definitely order another pair of the high waisted pair. The fit of these leggings are great and have a bit of thickness to them, which I like! 
Have a great weekend!! 
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