Sunday, February 18, 2018

Welcome 2018

Gosh, it feels like I haven't written a post in months. The holidays are super busy for us starting the day after Thanksgiving. We are all hands on deck at our Christmas tree farm. I had all intentions of documenting my Thanksgiving table scape, the adventures we had this year at the tree farm and our amazing Christmas, but life just got away the past year. I like to think of it like, we were making so many memories that we didn't have time to document it all. 
Thanksgiving table. candle stands
Wreath made by Hober Tree Farm
Hober Tree Farm
wrapping paper-Sugarpaper
Christmas card  Ornaments Candle
January brings three birthdays in our family, my brother in law, my niece and Mason's. My niece Gabrielle turned 13 this year. 13... I don't even know how that is possible. She is my God daughter also so she's pretty special in my eyes. She didn't want a huge celebration but has decided to have a pool party at our pool this summer! January birthday's are hard to plan and celebrate. 

January is always a fresh new start for me. A reset and recharge and to evaluate what goals you have for the new year and what you want to change. We have some exciting things planned this year; we are remodeling our kitchen which is long over due. I am hoping for a new window in our living room to open it up and provide more light. I'm looking forward to Mason playing t-ball in April and him learning to ride his bike without training wheels. Joe will begin his 15th year of coaching Girl's Varsity Track. I hope to find something that will incorporate my new degree and my love for law. 

With my stomach issues, I hope this year I can receive more answers and maybe some relief. I'm thinking of eliminating all gluten in our meals which I think will benefit us all. Essential oils have become a part of our everyday life. I'm excited to see how they will help us live simpler and healthier this year. 

I'm optimistic the new year will bring more memory making and less worrying about what hasn't gotten done, more healthier eating and less eating out, more carefree living and less obligations, more easier options and less worrying, more living simpler and less clutter. 

I would love to hear what you have planned for the new year! Here's to an amazing year and new possibilities!! 

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