Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I can't believe my baby turned FIVE on January 19th!!! How is that possible? It was just yesterday that we prayed for him and wished we would have the chance to be parents. It's been a few short years that he was up all night being fed, crawling towards everything, running his walker into the walls and hitting a ball from the time he stood up. Now he's of school age and full of life. January birthdays are not the most fun to have or fun to plan. It's inevitable living in New York, there will either be a snow storm or there will be snow. This year was a perfect 40 degree day. Luckily, in weeks past, we had gotten enough snow for sledding that day. We rode the four wheeler and pulled the snow tube behind, went sledding and made a snowman. My Mom, sister, brother in law, niece and nephew came from Canandaigua to join us along with my mother, father and brother in law. We had lunch, cake and ice cream. We really couldn't have imagined a better day to celebrate OUR BOY!!! 

I made the letters covered in moss. Supplies from Michaels and Target. Birthday banner from Tin Cakes

Cupcakes from Walmart; Wooden deer antler: Wooden You Like it; Tulip Baking Cup: Your Party and Gift Shop
"Five" cake topper: Forever Wedding Crafts

FIVE things about Mason: 

1- He is full of LIFE!!! And I mean this kid never sits. He loves to have a good time. He is always smiling and laughing. He has more energy than a freight train. I love his carefree spirit. He rarely is in a bad mood or cries. Mason is such a happy little guy. 

2- He loves snacks!!! From day one, he would eat like every 2-3 hours and it would be little amounts.   Today, he would rather eat a snack and not his meal. He loves, loves, loves popcorn and anything sweet. Ice cream is his JAM!!!! 

3- Mason loves baseball!! Since he learned to stand he would gravitate towards a ball to play with first. He has been hitting a ball from a pitch since he was 2 1/2. Today, if he doesn't have a ball in his hand at some point of the day, he may not be feeling well. He will start his baseball career (lol) this April when he plays t-ball! 

4- His speech is slowly progressing. He is responding to his speech therapist, which has never happened. He asks if tomorrow is the day that he has speech and wonders what they will be doing at the next meeting. We are seeing that he is speaking in sentences and we can understand his words better!! This is major progress. 

5- He is obsessed with quirky items such as masking tape and bubble wrap. Funny, right? He loves taping everything up with tape including his father, the refrigerator, and toys. I'm sure he will get a laugh about doing this when he is older!! Gotta love the innocence. 
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