Saturday, December 29, 2018


 Well, hello! Gosh, I can't believe it has been almost a year since I posted on my blog. We have been busy as a family, going through the motions of life and trying to figure out new dynamics. A lot has happened since I've been on here and I can't wait to share. I hope to get this blog off the ground in the new year and share some more aspects of my life. Stay tuned for a new post on January 1st. In the meantime, here is a fast recap of what I've been doing with my family this past year!!! 

We made some renovations to some rooms in our home.
This is Mason's room.

I got a new office!!

We celebrated Valentine's Day in -10 degree weather.

My Mom, Mason and I took a day trip to Elmira, NY to go shopping.
We stopped in Montour Falls, NY to see the amazing falls!

And of course, we visited our favorite place, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada for
Joe's birthday in April. We couldn't pass up the Hershey store.

We found a new area on the American side in Niagara Falls,
that has amazing rapids leading down to the falls. 

Then we celebrated Easter!!! 

Easter 2018
One of the days that Joe wasn't working we hiked around the farm and looked for fish in the pond.

SOMEONE STARTED T-BALL!!!!! He has been playing with a ball and bat since he was 2.
It was fun to see him finally be able to do what he loves. Organized sports was still a tough thing to grasp for
him, but by the end of the season he got the hang of it. The best part was that he met some new friends! 

That smile says it all!!! Last game of the season. He is really looking forward to it this spring.

This was the first night we spent in our house as a family of 3 not 4.
After 10 years of living with us, my Mom moved out to
her own place. It was a hard adjustment at first but we are getting through it. 
We spent one night watching the MILB Rochester Red Wings Baseball team play.
We LOVE baseball. And someone likes the food even more! 

This picture began our summer!!! My sister, niece, nephew, my Mom, Mason
and I took a day trip to the zoo in Syracuse!! It was a great day and a great way to kick off the summer of '18.

Rosemond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse New York

We spent many days in our pool this past summer!!
This was our 2nd trip of the year to Canada. Joe, Mason, myself and my Mom visited Safari Niagara.
What a great place and definitely a must see. 

On the trolley at the Safari

Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, New York 
Mason started Pre-school. We decided to hold him back from Kindergarten this year.
I plan to write a post soon. He is doing GREAT though!!! 

First day of school!! Not thrilled

We visited the Pick N Patch in Stanley, New York.

October 2018

I'm not sure what I will do when he can't or won't wear "themed"
jammies any longer.

Our yearly trip to Bass Pro Shop in Auburn, New York to visit Santa.
He had a ton to tell Santa this year.

Mason's elf Reboh returned and brought a friend Susie this year!
I don't know what I was thinking adding another elf. But Mason loved it.
He loved it that much, that he was up every night at 3am and then again at 5:30.

CHRISTMAS 2018!! What a year it has been. We are looking forward to 2019 and some
new beginnings on the horizon!! 

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Friday, March 16, 2018


I'm a little late on this post but better late than never, right? Thank goodness February is over and spring is approaching!! Here are a few of the things I used most in February or was introduced to. 

This stuff is amazing for lips. I usually do not like Blistex products but with the unbearable temperatures and the bitter cold wind, this lip balm helps protect against the wintery eliminates and has an anti-aging serum included in the formula! Which is an A+ for this 40 year old!

Hats are my jam!! I love a good baseball cap, winter cap and anything that keeps the sun off my face. This Adidas hat is perfect for any weather. I have been wearing it to the grocery or to Mason's speech therapy appointments since they are so early in the morning.
I love a good mascara. For years, I used L'Oreal Voluminous and then I got hooked on Youniques' fiber mascara. This IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara is great. I have seen so many Instagramers using it and saying they can't live without it, they are right. I like pairing this with L'Oreal's Primer and coat the lashes about two times. This mascara is also easy to remove at night and doesn't pull out your lashes.

These plush leggings from Aerie are so comfortable and feel like heaven. I hate to say I own every color. If you like a  fleece type of legging to wear to sleep, give these a try.

Since the flu has been so bad this winter season, I am so glad that this Young Living Essential Oil Aria Diffuser has saved the day. I love the eclectic design. This diffuser also has displays changing colors, sounds and a timer. 2587619

                                                        Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils have changed the way I clean, do laundry, defend against germs, and has protected my little one when he has an accident . My favorite flu fighting, cold defense, germ busting oil blend is 4 drops of Citrus Fresh, 4 drops of Lemon and 5 drops of Thieves. I diffuse that combo at night and Thieves and Eucalyptus in the morning. I also love the Kidscents line. I use the Owie on my daredevil when he fell off his scooter and the Kidscents Tummygize when his tummy is not feeling the greatest. There are so many uses for oils. If you are curious and want to know more about oils and how they can change your life, let me know! For every 5 people that order a new starter kit, I will give you a free Thieves and Peppermint oil! My Young Living number is 2587619 or click on the link above!

Last but not least, are these no show socks by Avia. I hate wearing socks and do not ever want my socks to show when I wear sneakers or a pair of Converse. I have a pair of Nike no show socks and they always fall below my heal and get stuck in my arch which is super annoying. So when I discovered these beauties at Walmart (yes, Walmart), I thought I would give them a try! They are pretty great and super affordable. You can thank me later! They are not available online, but I spotted multiple pairs at my Walmart. 

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I can't believe my baby turned FIVE on January 19th!!! How is that possible? It was just yesterday that we prayed for him and wished we would have the chance to be parents. It's been a few short years that he was up all night being fed, crawling towards everything, running his walker into the walls and hitting a ball from the time he stood up. Now he's of school age and full of life. January birthdays are not the most fun to have or fun to plan. It's inevitable living in New York, there will either be a snow storm or there will be snow. This year was a perfect 40 degree day. Luckily, in weeks past, we had gotten enough snow for sledding that day. We rode the four wheeler and pulled the snow tube behind, went sledding and made a snowman. My Mom, sister, brother in law, niece and nephew came from Canandaigua to join us along with my mother, father and brother in law. We had lunch, cake and ice cream. We really couldn't have imagined a better day to celebrate OUR BOY!!! 

I made the letters covered in moss. Supplies from Michaels and Target. Birthday banner from Tin Cakes

Cupcakes from Walmart; Wooden deer antler: Wooden You Like it; Tulip Baking Cup: Your Party and Gift Shop
"Five" cake topper: Forever Wedding Crafts

FIVE things about Mason: 

1- He is full of LIFE!!! And I mean this kid never sits. He loves to have a good time. He is always smiling and laughing. He has more energy than a freight train. I love his carefree spirit. He rarely is in a bad mood or cries. Mason is such a happy little guy. 

2- He loves snacks!!! From day one, he would eat like every 2-3 hours and it would be little amounts.   Today, he would rather eat a snack and not his meal. He loves, loves, loves popcorn and anything sweet. Ice cream is his JAM!!!! 

3- Mason loves baseball!! Since he learned to stand he would gravitate towards a ball to play with first. He has been hitting a ball from a pitch since he was 2 1/2. Today, if he doesn't have a ball in his hand at some point of the day, he may not be feeling well. He will start his baseball career (lol) this April when he plays t-ball! 

4- His speech is slowly progressing. He is responding to his speech therapist, which has never happened. He asks if tomorrow is the day that he has speech and wonders what they will be doing at the next meeting. We are seeing that he is speaking in sentences and we can understand his words better!! This is major progress. 

5- He is obsessed with quirky items such as masking tape and bubble wrap. Funny, right? He loves taping everything up with tape including his father, the refrigerator, and toys. I'm sure he will get a laugh about doing this when he is older!! Gotta love the innocence. 
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