Saturday, November 11, 2017

What's In My Bag??

I love a good walk through someone's bag. I enjoy seeing some of the random items that people actually carry along with them everyday. I'm not sure if mine is that interesting but let's give it a try. 

My bag is Michael Kors and from TJ Maxx. I am waiting to hit the lottery so I can share my new Louis Vuitton bag... TJ Maxx is a great place to find name brand items for a fraction of the price. 

1-  Kate Spade wallet: I purchased this beauty from Poshmark. I have had my eye on one for weeks but paying over $100 for a small size wallet is not in my budget. I love Poshmark. The site offers gently used or new items from an average joe like me. I have a closet on Poshmark and love selling my items on there. I think I snagged this wallet for $60. The wallet holds 6 credit cards, 2 slots for miscellaneous, a money slot and one for change. I love it because I often carry a messenger bag for quick trips to the store so this great to fit in a small carrier bag also. 

2- Kate Spade change purse/card holder: I also purchased this on Poshmark for $40. I love it because it holds my credit cards, as you can see but can be used as a change purse as well. This is great if you are out and about and only want to carry some cash, your license and change. 

3- nail file: Of course, what woman does not have a nail file in their purse. I always remember my grandma carrying a nail file and filing her nails constantly. Mine is from Sally Beauty Supply.

4- NYXX Butter Gloss (angel food cake): I have a love hate relationship with these Nyxx butter glosses. They have so many great shades that you can purchase at at drug store. I hate the smell of most glosses and lipsticks so I tend to not wear any. But these are too good not to. I find them comparable to the Tarte glosses but for the fraction of the price! I purchased this at Target for $4.99.

5- Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment: I can't live without this stuff! It is amazing. Like I said I really dislike glosses, lipsticks and anything on my lips, but this stuff is amazing. It is so smooth that you can't tell you have it on. All of the sugar products have an SPF of 15 which is great for when you are outdoors. The formula contains humectant which prevents moisture loss. I also have the sugar scrub which is great for when you get out of the shower and to use before bed. The treatment I have is sheer but they also come in tinted. 

6- Soap and Glory Hand Food: For those that know me, know that I do not like lotions. I have a phobia of anything slimy, dirty or constricting on my hands. (weird, I know!). But this stuff is the best. It is a non-greasy Shea butter hand creme. It contains notes of bergamont, mandarin, rose, jasmine, tangerine and strawberry. The smell is wonderful. If you haven't used Soap and Glory products, you should check them out at Ulta. 

7- Purell Hand Sanitizer: Now I know what some of you are thinking, sanitizer does not prevent germs and washing is the most effective way to eliminate them. I totally get that, but I hate touching shopping carts, doors and other public places that others have touched. You just never know where their hands have been. So hand sanitizer is a must in my bag. I choose the unscented kind. 

8- Lens wipes: These little gems are great for cleaning glasses, iPhone, computer monitors and anything that contains glass with a high resolution. I get mine at Walmart. 

9- Sea Band: My little guy has become car sick. This was something that happened out of the blue a few weeks ago. In two different occasions, he got sick during fairly short trips. I think we have narrowed it down to motion sickness when playing games on his Ipad, but I don't want to take any chances so I purchased a Sea Band and it seems to be working. My sister recommend this to me since my niece and nephew got car sick a lot and the band seemed to help. The Sea Band gives a natural relief and can be used numerous times. You can purchase it at any drug store or on Amazon. 

So there you have it, not that interesting but a few good items that you may want to try. 
Not shown is: 
My iPhone
A reusable snack bag for Mason's snacks that is machine washable
Mason's snacks

Now it's your turn, what's in your bag??

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