Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October and Halloween!!!

H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N !!!
Anyone that knows me, knows I am not a fan of Halloween. As a child, I would stay back at my Grandma and Grandpa's house and hand out candy rather than dress up in costume and go trick or treating. Weird, right? I just have never been into costumes and I literally am scared of the dark. I hate horror films and anything scary. This all changed when I had my son. Since he was two, he has been super excited for Halloween, this year especially. I have adapted to his excitement and have tried to make it the best for him. That's what we parents do, right? 
Since the beginning of October, I have tried to incorporate Halloween or pumpkins in some way. We didn't make it to the Pumpkin Patch this year, but he didn't seem to mind. We decided to purchase pumpkin stickers from Michaels this year instead of carving. They were super cute and a lot less mess. This is where I should insert a picture and like the new blogger that I forget to take a pic before I took the stickers off today. Opps. 
This year we decided to try the Fall into Canandaigua celebration that the local merchants have in the city. It was great! Merchants were handing out candy, animals and a parade. We will definitely go next year also. Mason was Batman because he didn't want to be too scary during the day he said. He was saving his other costume for Halloween night. I just pulled together some things he had in his playroom. Fun fact deal: I like to buy Halloween costumes the day after Halloween when they are 50-75% off. They are great all year round to play dress up in. I try to purchase some that are a bigger size if I really think they are something he would like. This Batman costume was one of those.

 Mason is obsessed with Halloween, I thought I would make an entire day out of it! I decided to decorate the table and leave him some little things to play with all day. I picked up the cupcakes from Walmart along with the tablecloth, confetti, bat finger puppets and spiders that hung from the chandelier. Our Walmart has a great bakery and always come through with our requests. He came out in the morning and said this was the best Halloween ever!! 

For Halloween, we had a little Werewolf.  Mason was going back and forth since September saying he wanted to be a zombie, then a ghost and finally a werewolf. I ordered the costume on Amazon for $12!! My kind of costume! It was super cute! I painted his face with paint from Walmart. The jeans were old and small on him so I cut holes all through them and he wore his boots for shoes. The Halloween bag is from Pottery Barn Kids. Another fun fact deal: I like to stalk Pottery Barn for after holiday deals as well for clearance items and save for next year. I love Pottery Barn but their prices are high. Halloween night we always go trick or treating with my sister, the kids, and my Mom. My niece Gabrielle was a Zombie girl and my nephew Talon was Jack Septiceye. We decided to go to the upper side of the city this year. Our neighborhood is sparse with people that hand out candy so we thought we would try another section. It was GREAT!!! The houses were decorated and one even had a haunted house. Mason got way more candy than he should ever consume!!

Gabrielle and Talon
Picture by Shannon Kesel Images

                                                           Haunted House
                                                         Haunted House

Besides Halloween, we have been trying to do some school work with Mason since he is not attending Pre-school this year (that post later). I found a curriculum online and have tried to stick with that. He seems to take things more seriously when Joe shows him or has him do a task such as writing, or counting or ABC's. We have been saving those tasks for when Joe is home at night and during the day, we do arts and crafts. Ironically, Joe is the more laid back parent but Mason wants to do more curriculum based with him. Whatever works, right? Joe is finishing up the customers that still needed their driveways sealed. We are hoping this is the last weekend for that before we start with the madness of the Christmas tree farm. Other than that, we enjoyed some nice weather for a few days and rode bikes and took some walks around the neighborhood. November starts our crazy season so we tried to rest in October!! 

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