Friday, October 13, 2017

H e l l o

Thank you for stopping over to my new blog!! I am super excited to share my life with you all. I will be sharing lifestyle topics such as what I'm cooking for dinner or new home decor. Share adventures with my little family on our Christmas tree farm, what I'm loving in beauty these days and what steals and deals I have come across. I love a good deal, who doesn't right? I also will be sharing the progress of my little one as he over comes some learning obstacles. I have realized since I have become a parent that you can find a lot of support and different ways to handle situations from social media and the many outlets that are available. I love a good "Five on Friday" where I share five things I am loving at the moment. I also plan to include "Feature Friday" when I come across someone who I want to share with you all that I think is amazing or has a product or service that I want to share. I would also love to hear what you would like to see. Share your comments and ask me questions. I am an open book!! 

I would like to thank Aubrey Kinch for designing this amazing blog. I would not have been able to make it as pleasingly aesthetic as she did. Check her out on Instagram and Facebook. Also, thank you to my talented sister, Shannon Kesel Images for the images of myself and my family. She has an amazing detail for capturing the beauty of something. She is located in Upstate New York. You will be seeing her more on this blog in the future! I hope you find this blog interesting and stick around with me on my little spot on earth. 
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